Roofing in Bountiful, Utah

Roofing in Bountiful, Utah

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Shingle Pro Roofing has been the number one option for home and business owners in Bountiful, Utah for the past 30 years. If you’re passing through Bountiful, make sure to stop in for Food Truck Thursdays at Millcreek Common or head on over to Plates and Palates for a taste of the area. 

Finding Information About Bountiful, Utah Roofing Services 

Residential roofing and commercial roofing is a specialized field and a great place to start is by searching for something along the lines of “roofing company near me” and reaching out for some free estimates. 

If your computer search history already includes terms like, “roofing companies near me,” which have brought you here, you’ve come to the right place. 

How to Find a Roofing Company That Fits Your Needs

If you’re looking to re-roof your house and have already found yourself combing through the many contractors who all claim they can do the job, you know that the sheer volume of possible contractors can be overwhelming. Many people have asked their search engines, “How can I find the best roofing company near me?” and we are here to help answer that question for you. 

What Makes High-Quality Roofing Contractors Stand Out? 

There are a few things that make a high-quality roofing contractor stand out from the crowd. The best roofers will provide:

  • Verified testimonies from their former satisfied clients
  • Proof of all necessary licensing and good historical standing in your area
  • A clear (free) estimate with detailed breakdowns and info about the job pricing
  • Significantly more than the minimum insurance coverage (they should be insured for at least 1,000,000, if not 2,000,000!)
  • Samples and examples to help you decide on the material for your roof replacement
  • Daily yard clean-up before they leave

So What’s the Process When You Find a Roofing Contractor? 

You’ve sorted through all of the “roofing near me” potential candidates from your initial Google search and think you’ve found someone who you believe will get the job done. 

If your local roofing company knows their stuff, they will talk you through everything before you sign any contract with them, including helping you choose roofing shingles for the project, the start and finish timeline they can offer you, a general process you can expect them to follow while they’re working on your home or business, and providing you the final quote for the roof replacement cost. After the estimate, you may even find that they will be able to help you with additional roof work in the process, such as gutter installation. 

Local roofing companies may not get the permits needed from the city, so you should double-check with them before work commences and verify that all permits have been granted. It’s your house, which means the liability falls back on you if the roof contractor has not done their job thoroughly and provided liability insurance, permits, and proof of payment to their suppliers!

Roofing Contractors in Bountiful, Utah

Finding roofers to get the job done may seem like an impossible project, but if you perform a few due diligence checks and make sure the company you’re working with is a trustworthy company that other satisfied customers have chosen during their “roofing companies near me” search, you’re well on the path to end up with a high-quality final project. 

About Us 

If you’re searching up roofers near me to plan a roofing project, our expert customer service team at Shingle Pro Roofing is here to help you figure things out. Whether it’s for commercial or residential roofing, you can know that you’re in good hands with our certified master workers and factory-certified warranties. We specialize in shingle re-roofing and gutter replacement and equip our teams with the highest quality materials, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your roof and shingles. 

With 30 years experience in the re-roofing industry, we know exactly how to offer our clients the peace of mind they need with the best customer service and the best products for their re-roofing project. Our team will visit you onsite to provide a free, no-pressure estimate, including detailed explanations of any cost of materials or labor involved. 

Contact our Shingle Pro Roofing team today to schedule your free estimate by calling our office at 801-567-9093 or by sending us an email at

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